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Since we love our homeplace and we want you to know it too, we indicate certain places that you should visit at your stay in the Pigadia.


Region Agias Fotinis - (Afoti)

If you visit Afoti in the Pigadia, you will wander in the ruins of Agia Fotini, a old-christian church of royal rythm.

Pseidonas cavern

Poseidoinas Cavern

In the Pigadia you should visit the Cave of  Poseidonas. It is found in the region Miloi and is a monumental carved grave or holy.

Ahates Cavern

The Ahates cavern is found above the beautifull beach of Ahates. Into the cavern you will see beautifull stalagmites and stalactites that were created centuries ago.

Pigadia are an ideal place to organise walks. You also have the opportunity of knowing ways by renting bicycles from our hotel.

A beautiful way we propose to you is:

Pigadia - Agias Kyriakhs Church - Panagia Larniotissa

Following this circular way, you have the possibility of visiting the small church of Agia Kyriaki, that is found above the Pigadia and Panagia Larnakiotissa, where you will reach from an old path. This way is very beautiful, crosses a pinewood and the view from Agia Kyriaki and Panagia Larnakiotissa  is splendid.

path Pigadia - Agia Kyriaki - Panagia Larniotissa


If you allocate a bicycles or car renting shop and you are interested for some collaboration, please contact us.