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Karpathos is found between Crete and Rhodes, in Carpathian sea, that took his name from the island. In a quiet street in the capital and harbour of island, Pigadia, is found our hotel.

In a distance of 50m. you will have the opportunity to enjoy the sea and swim on the beach.

In the Pigadia function various shops and restaurants capable to cover your needs at the period of your vacations. As soon as you arrive in the Wells do not omit to visit Poseidonas' Cavern and the beautiful region of Agia Fotini - Agoti.

In our hotel you can rent cars, with which you can visit the archaeological spaces of island that are found in the remainder villages.




The island is connected by sea with Piraeus and the islands of Crete, Kassos, Halki and Rhodes.
There are flights to and from Athens, Kassos, Rhodes and Sitia (Crete).